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Woran Zhang

Future of Culture

Woran Zhang is a 17 year old secondary school student who is always curious and passionate about exploring the unknown. He also goes by Arthur, and is an advocate for reducing misinformation, strengthening physical and mental health as well as improving food security and management. One of his passions is cultural expression and exploration, and he has led the founding of Future of Culture, a global youth organization advancing the future of conservation, expression and integration in this area. 

He was born in Yunnan, a province in China. Growing up there until he was 8 years old, he went to Hong Kong with his parents to pursue higher education. He has been traveling around the world since he was 2 years old when he went to Thailand. He has stepped foot in many countries including the US, Britain, Japan, France, Italy, Thailand, Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

These valuable opportunities have made him a more comprehensive person and bettered his personal values.


Having lived in Hong Kong for nine years, he has been in contact with a diverse range of cultures as well as exposed to issues across different identities. Currently, he has been enrolled in multiple student-led mentorship programs, from teaching middle school kids clarinet to tutoring fellow classmates that take Chinese at school. He is also currently in the school publication - the ChuanLong Club.


In the future, Woran aims to be known as the youngest pioneer in solving one if not more of the Global Goals and make it into the Forbes list. He wants to design and create cutting-edge technologies to achieve breakthroughs in scientific discoveries, and be known as the Chinese entrepreneur who helped bridge the gap between the poor and the rich in Asia.

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