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Xianyang Zhu

Green Forum
Youth Member


Xianyang Zhu initiated her exploration in the issue of climate change at the age of ten, when she attended a school lecture focusing on pollution and damage to the ecosystem. At that time, she was heartbroken to catch a sight of how choices made by human beings are causing irreversible consequences. In her mind, she also learned that human health and climate change are inextricably intersected. 


Currently, she is working on a review essay discussing treatments of Parkinson's disease, and learned how toxic chemicals worsen these patients' situations. At the same time, she has completed a few UN courses, one of which links climate change to existing social problems which allows her to explore wider perspectives of the issue. She also serves as a member in the Green Forum, an eco-platform collaborating with partners including UNIDO and The World Bank. Apart from her passions in climate issues, Xianyang is also passionate about horse riding, badminton and playing the guitar. 


In the future, she will take further actions by being a role model to her colleagues and friends. In addition, she will devote herself in the study of biochemistry, helping her to complete further research and actions on top of firm academic theories in the area.

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