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Dedicating Resources to Combat COVID-19

The impact investment community must join together to support the ongoing public and private initiatives to curb the spread of coronavirus and to save valuable lives


Support ongoing research and development work


Help bring to market viable 



Ensure the 

products arrive for those in need


Invest in digital platforms to educate and track

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Our Foundation is offering sponsorships to individuals for our Dynamito® Program, a patented, certified and approved (UKAS, TAF, SGS and more) stem cell rejuvenation formula suitable for daily regenerative health.


Formulated in the USA, it has been administered since 2017 to anti-aging and wellness institutes, and sold by select pharmacies and health clinics, to boost cellular rejuvenation growth, increase youth hormone and reverse stem cell
age factor. 


For COVID-19, Dynamito® is formulated with the purpose of activating and protecting the macrophages mitochondria, helping macrophages establish their first line of defence when the human body fights against viruses including coronavirus. 

Dynamito® is a three month program, taking 1 or 2 (if age over 65) x 600mg capsule per day, and will boost lung cell immunity for up to a period of 12 months. The capsules will be couriered to you.


Made with 100% natural ingredients historically known for cellular protection (including borage oil, myrobalan and green tea extract, all of which have been extracted and formulated using molecular scientific methods), Dynamito® has no side effects and is complementary to existing medicine and supplements. 

In the event of over-subscription, priority will be given to at-risk indivduals.

Dynamito® - Registration Form

 The objectives are:

  1. Boost your own immunity against COVID-19, and

  2. If you do get infected, prevent and reduce irreversible lung tissue damage

Your submission has been received. Our Foundation team will get in touch with 48 hours.

Medical Supplies


There is a surge of demand for high quality medical supplies from US, UK and Europe.

Global Citizen Capital has taken the initiative to consolidate excess medical inventory from China/Taiwan, SE Asia and other regions.


Updated as of 04/15/2020 

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