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Vladimir Abdullin

Young Alliance Against Child Labour (YAACL)
Founder and Director


Vladimir Abdullin is a student of Sotogrande International school in Spain. He is a beginner in working with global problems, but his interest in solving global problems is already visible. 

He likes to write about the eternal problem of the oppression of various groups that are weaker than the oppressors. His work is related with the problem of the child labour, that is especially important and relevant today. Fortunately, he had a really happy childhood and spent it in abundance covered with the care of his parents and grandparents. I had a lot of toys and a lot of them were quite expensive, but he didn't care about them and didn't even treat them with due care. When he became older and saw other children, who were unlucky to be born into a family of privilege, he started to look at my life from a different perspective.

Then, when he became a teenager, he had an experience of seeing consequences of the problem of child labour in the real life. He was really concerned about that theme, so he asked his parents about their opinion about this problem. Surprisingly,  the problem of child labour even touched his family. His mother’s cousin in his childhood was forced to do hard work on the farm. As the work was related to carrying heavy bags, he became an diasbled person and died a year ago because of the his health and alcohol, which he used to drown out pain. Another example is the son of his father's friend from Uzbekistan. It is a government based problem, when children instead of studying are collecting cotton during the first weeks of September. As cotton is really important for the government budget, officials prefer to force children to work instead of teaching them. 

By looking at the problem of child labour using an economic perspective, he will try to bring the attention of the other people to increase the chance to find an opportunity to solve this problem. He founded a journalism project called YAACL (Young Alliance Against Child Labour) that will focus on the problem of child labour in the different part of the world. Teenagers from different countries will be able to express their ideas and thoughts through the articles and find other people, who have the same opinion about this important problem. Also, this alliance  will help to inform more people about the child labour, because the articles will both raise awareness and educate. He really hope that this project will bring the attention of the huge number of people, because it will give us more power to solve the problem and fight again the enemy, who is much stronger than we are.  

In the future, he plans to go to university for an Accounting major and then work like an accountant or auditor as his intended career. Because of it, he will be sure that the company where he will work doesn’t use the child labour. If such a problem exists, he will try to defeat it from inside the company. For sure, he plans to continue to fight against this important problem by using the voices of teenagers, students and other people, who share his opinion.

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