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Founder and CEO

Kenneth has spent most of his career in investment banking and financial advisory for companies and non-profits across Asia Pacific. He is most passionate about regenerative medicine and creating sustainable methods towards high quality of life at all ages. His work is recognized by the World Economic Forum as Innovator and Engagement Champion of UpLink.


He is also Founder of the Better Together Foundation which support the empowerment of minority communities in the region. He is as well the Founder of KIDsforSDGs and
Co-President of AWAWA. 


Dmytro Klokol

Featured Expert

Dmytro dedicated his professional career to scientific research on Stem cells, develop new therapeutic paradigms for integrative, regenerative and biological medicine and advocating wellness and healthy life.


Thierry Hertoghe

Featured Expert

Thierry currently serves as President of the International Hormone Society. He represents the fourth consecutive generation of physicians who have worked in the field of hormone therapy and regenerative medicine.


William Seeds

Featured Expert

William is a leading-edge researcher and innovative educator. Dr. Seeds provides the orthopedic care for the world renowned Spire Institute, Olympic Training Center in Geneva, Ohio, USA.


Jun Matsuyama

Featured Expert

Jun currently serves as the President of Japan Hair Growth Medical Association, Japan Association of Medical Spa, and the Dean of International College of Advanced Integrate Medicine.


Pamela Smith

Featured Expert

Pamela has spent 24-years as an Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine specialist. She is a diplomat of the Board of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians and is an internationally known speaker and author.


Ling Ing Heong

Featured Expert

As an entrepreneur and a leader in cosmetic surgery and medicine, Ing Heong often speaks as an international guest speaker and trainer at various cosmetic surgery and medicine conferences and events.