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Guangyao Xuan

Project ECCED
Founder and Researcher


The main idea for this project is to cancel out part of inequality in qualified education.

Guangyao, or Ben, plans to create a online platform (maybe a forum) to serve as the platform for online academical discussions and voluntary education uses. For the first function, the platform should be equipped with a discussing corner, or forum part. In this part, both the volunteers and other users can hold on academical or educational discussions. For the second function, he plan to invite some volunteer institutions to settle in, to supply users includes volunteers and people in need.


By spreading out this forum, more people who are interested can join in. Also, this function requires the setting up of the course part, which is responsible for online classes’ discussions, involving meeting codes and contents. Besides of which mentioned above, Ben plans to invite some training institutions to train educators to enable they can teach high-quality content.

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