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Bui Gia Khanh Pham

Chalk Road


Gia Khanh is a 15-year-old passionate advocate for quality education. From serving as a YOUNGA delegate and holding positions such as Head of KS3 (2021) and Head of KS4 (2023) to founding the Philosophy club and leading the Debate club at her school, Gia Khanh merges her leadership experience with her avid interest in community projects. Therefore, Chalk Road was founded — a student-let social project committed to fostering holistic and sustainable education in the mountainous areas of Vietnam.

Recognising the limited access to educational opportunities and the pervasive issue of lower self-esteem among rural children, Chalk Road endeavours to address an often overlooked facet of comprehensive education: developing lifelong personal values and sustainable skills that extend beyond formal academic settings. What Chalk Road does is more than mere material aids — believing in the transformative power of mindsets and soft skills, Chalk Road focuses on crafting holistic workshops (i.e: Dance, Cybersecurity), which can be infused with takeaways on self-belief and resilience.

For Gia Khanh, the value of Chalk Road lies in the genuine bond she has fostered with the local children: from being once a distant stranger to an entrusted “sister” from whom the students can seek help and feel supported in their education journey. Her deep investment in their academic and personal growth is a clear indicator of Gia Khanh’s determination to create a lasting impact on the children and the education in the mountainous areas of Vietnam.

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