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Bui Gia Khanh Pham

Project AHEAD

Gia Khanh is a 14-year-old student and a passionate advocate for quality education, gender equality and sustainability. A resilient learner, an amicable team player and inspirational leader, she already has a strong leadership record: was the Head of Key stage 3 (Year 7, 8, 9), is a YOUNGA delegate, and the Founder of AHEAD.

AHEAD comes to being with a mission to uplift 10,000 students from an ethnic minority group across ASEAN countries, aiming to provide a holistic education, from life skills, interpersonal skills to resources. Stirred by series of human trafficking incidents in the mountainous areas of Vietnam — rooted from inaccessibility to reliable information and from them being uninformed to online threats — we came to realize the value of life skills and soft skills.


We deeply understand that a child’s successful development in both aspects of academics and personal growth requires a safe, encouraging and engaging environment, especially learning and working opportunities. Having a lowerhand in resources, confidence, and connections, marginalized in general have lowerhand in the competitive market after universityhood, and that’s where AHEAD comes in — to raise the starting point of students from minority groups by bringing in opportunities & materials in need to head into a prepared future.

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