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Korn Niruttinanon

Project Star, Team Member

Project Amnesty, Team Member

Korn Niruttinanon is a 16 year old student based in Bangkok, Thailand, and he is a student at Bangkok Patana School under the IB program. 


His favorite memory of his childhood was when he went with his family to an orphanage to scoop ice-cream for the children to eat. It was very meaningful to him because he got to see how excited the children were from just a small desert. It made him grateful for his privilege, and helped him realize he wants to do more community service to help others.


Korn's favorite academic and extracurricular activities are practicing the piano and violin, playing chess, and playing badminton with my family and friends. He has joined Amnesty, which is a club that fights for human rights and Project Star, which helps disabled children in Thailand. He has also participated in many mathematics challenge competitions, sports competitions and he is doing the Physics Olympiad ECA.

He wishes to study engineering in the future, although he is not sure what type of engineering yet. However, he wants to make some significant contribution in the field of engineering and design something that actually will improve people’s lives (such as in the healthcare sector) in the real world. 

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