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Aina Romanova

The. Blooming. Project.

Aina Romanova was born and raised in Yakutsk, the capital of the Sakha republic located in the Far East of Siberia. She is now 17 years old and aspiring to create change as an artist.


Growing up, she remembered herself being about 5 years old, tracing over Cinderella drawings. Her mother told her drawings were pretty, yet it wasn’t something she put her mind into. Back then, she did not yet see the value of her hand-drawn pictures. At elementary school, she started discovering her passion for art, not just about the drawing part, but more about how art gave her a new form and freedom of expression. She ended up choosing art classes over chorus practices, and she has been developing this talent ever since. 


From 10 years ago, this core memory made her push herself to try to be original, and explore art further than creating a “pretty picture”. To put this to real life, she started taking up opportunities at school and always volunteered to design and draw various banners for school plays. Outside of school, she also enjoys browsing social media: seeing various amazing artworks, reading through tons of comment section’s debates and videos of people from all around the world bringing awareness to social issues. As she widened her horizons, she realized that she too had something to share, and her hands tickled with the need to create. She thought to herself: “Perhaps my calling is to bring real-life meaning into my art to inspire and lend voices to those unheard?” - the idea behind founding The. Blooming. Project. 


In the future, she hopes to study communicative design and illustration, and to learn how to properly translate my thoughts and purpose through artistic storytelling to people. For her, a picture can be something more than just aesthetics: she hopes to become a competitive artist and, one day, curate her own art exhibition.

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