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Aryan Trehan

Founder and Director

Aryan is a 16-year-old student based in Mumbai, India. He is an avid orator, programmer, and MUNner. Aryan believes in the power of the people of Mumbai and is a prolific organizer of sustainable events in his city. He set up one of the most extensive student beach clean-ups with over 150 students and organized a sustainable shark tank even at school to foster sustainable business ideas.  

Ever since he learned about Climate science in geography in the eighth grade, he has been motivated to understand the supporting factors and systems supplementing climate change (especially in India). One day, when Aryan was in his hometown of Baraut he noticed the frequent power outages. This prompted him to explore the way we electrified towns. He learned about the flimsy electrical grid system that connected Baraut to the city. That’s when it struck him. Why Grids? 


Hence, Aryan established SUNlit, a non-profit aimed at modular energy solutions through crowdfunding and grants. Through collaborations with local non-profits, businesses and residents, SUNlit aims to light up remote towns and villages disconnected from the electrical grid. 

Through modular solar appliances and energy education, SUNlit aims to illuminate the lightless parts of India one lamp at a time.  

At university, Aryan hopes to pursue Environmental Engineering and Economics to explore the potential of modular renewable energy and non-grid development along with policies to incentivize consumer investment in renewable energy. 

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