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Molecular Science meets Traditional Chinese Medicine

With the latest advances of molecular technology, many traditional Chinese medicine remedies are now being re-visited. One of such remedy is in relation to the Ramie Root (also known as Boehmeria Nivea

Traditionally, the Ramie Root is used for the following purposes:

A. Bleeding caused by blood heat

This herb is cold in nature, enters the blood system, and has the action of cooling blood and stopping bleeding. Therefore, it is indicated for various bleeding caused by blood heat. It can be used singly in decoction when the bleeding is not severe. It is combined with other blood-cooling hemostatics when the illness is severe. For continual bleeding associated with the signs of collapse qi due to hemorrhage, it is combined with the signs of collapse of qi due to hemorrhage, it is combined with Ren Shen that can strongly tonify qi to rescue from the collapse in Zhu Gen San from Sheng Ji Zong Lu.

B. Threatened abortion and vaginal bleeding during pregnancy

This herb not only stops bleeding but clears heat, favorable to threatened abortion due to fetus heat and vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. For abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, it is decocted singly recorded in Mei Shi Fang (Mei Shi's Prescription). For threatened abortion caused by blood-deficiency and damage due to overstrain, it is combined with herbs that can nourish blood and prevent abortion. For instance it is combined with E Jiao, Dang Gui, and Bai Shao, etc. in Zhu Gen Tang from Xiao Pin Fang (Small Prescriptions).

C. Abscess and swelling due to heat-toxin

It is cold in nature and can clear heat and relieve toxicity. So it is indicated for abscess and swelling due to heat-toxin. It is mainly used externally and pounded into paste to be applied on the affected area.

With the advances in technology, a new NDA-based system has been implemented to sequence and solidify further tangible medical benefits. One such benefit is in enhancing cellular strength against the proliferation of cancer.

We anticipate through further clinical trials and tests that such claims can be backed, and if and when that happens, it will provide a sound alternative solution to existing but often failing cancer treatments. Even the path towards peaceful "co-existence" is recommended.

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