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Great Health Requires Highest Level of Precision Diagnostics

Leader Clinic to facilitate pre-clinicial trial test for Telomeres Rejuvenation 3.0

Under the operational umbrella of Hon Hai Precision Group, Chairman and billionaire investor Mr. Terry Guo has one of the leading healthcare practices in Asia. Leader Clinic is a subsidiary of Hon Hai and is a medical professional health management clinic with high quality equipment and extensive experience in comprehensive precision preventive health and functional health management. The vision is to become a professional and trustworthy health examination center.

Under the leadership of Dr. L Lee, Leader Clinic will help facilitate the required pre-clinicial trial blood test for the Telomeres Rejuvenation 3.0 Clinical Trial of Caxxon Labs, under the financial patronage of Global Citizen Capital.

Clinical trials are expected to commence September 01, 2019, on a first-come, first-serve registration basis.

For more information about Leader Clinic, please proceed to

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