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Age is Now (Literally) Just a Number

Purposeful Pivot towards Regenerative Medicine

As many of you know, I have been involved with the regenerative medicine industry for some time now, focusing on genome, hormonal and cellular 360° rejuvenation. The hypothesis is: if pro-active and pre-emptive measures are adopted at a younger age, particularly when not relying on pharmaceutical products, we stand to truly live with high quality of life for decades to come.

After ten years in the financial industry, my brain and body started sending off warning signals at 35. Having lived in Beijing in the last two of those ten years certainly did not help my cause. I thought to myself then: what is the purpose in life of accumulating wealth if later on in the life, you have to use that wealth to restore your health. That year, I made a personal commitment to myself that I would seek to find a better balance. With the support of three family offices I have worked with (primarily through taking their companies public in Hong Kong, London or New York), my first step into regenerative medicine was made.

Ever since 2017, Global Citizen Capital has actively sought high and low for biotechnology companies with promising research and clinical trials, primarily combining non-pharmaceutical ingredients with cutting edge technology, to provide more scientific based pro-active and pre-emptive treatment plans for the healthy. Apart from seeding the companies, we help coach existing management to run a more feedback-oriented business so that a wider net of the general public can benefit from their research and development breakthroughs. This involves finding the most encompassing solution for commercialising the company into a viable product.

One of the investments made is into a German/Taiwan JV Institute called Caxxon. They are most known for, using a 100% natural and FDA-approved multi-ingredients formula, having completed 100 human clinical trials in 2019 for terminal cancer patients. On average, the treatments tripled (and counting) the original life expectancy guidance given by doctors after exhausting all market-available cancer treatments (chemotherapy, target meds, immunotherapy etc). The theory is embedded in a combination of increasing the battle strength of the immune system via boosting of associated cellular functions and suppressing the growth of the eight major cancer-forming and -spreading proteins.

Most recent CNN article on this subject matter with our advisor Dr Lao is here:

For those currently healthy and wish to stay this way (Me!), from an pro-active and pre-emptive point of view, the Institute has a separate program: our latest third generation telemores-based cellular rejuvenation treatment. Everything is again 100% natural (extracted via DNA of certain TCM ingredients with German technology), so guaranteed no side effects.

As of 06/30/19, more than 500 trials have been completed for the first and second generation treatments combined. There is zero report of negative impact, and an active feedback loop is deployed for this upcoming third generation clinical trial to refine the scientific formula. 72% and 79% of first and second generation clinical trial subjects have signed on for the third trial.

It’s a six month program in pill form, daily intake, upon completion of initial blood tests. The Institute via our Foundation will absorb 50-100% of the costs related to the clinical trial based on eligibility. All we ask is for the subjects to agree to visit Taipei for the initial blood test and return after six months for second round to enrich our research purposes (or in counties where applicable, send the blood via DHL Air Thermonet)

I personally have been on the second generation program for the past six months and I already see marked improvements across some of my standard health check parameters (cardiovascular, pulmonary and immunology). From a day-to-day perspective, most noticeable are my energy level increase, heightened mental focus, exterior skin rejuvenation, overcoming of jetlag and less reaction to common allergies.

Compared to my prior two mitochondria-enhancing stem cell treatments over last two years (which resulted in improvements in energy level and physical mobility), this cellular rejuvenation program has a differentiated advantage of innately holistic healing at our core.

We shall continue to update the community of our clinical trial results. Let us all keep up if not improve on our physical and mental focus as we age biologically. The healthier we are, the more we can all accomplish for ourselves and each other.

Age is now (literally) just a number.

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